Background and mission

A museum for learning about Quebecers's culture


The Musée POP was created in December 2001. The museum offers visitors the chance to become familiar with the day-to-day experience, concerns and values of the Quebecers. A museum to view culture in a different way, where fun leads to reflection.

The museum offers visitors two attractions on the same site. The main building presents various exhibitions from the museum. Adjoins the museum, The Old Prison of Trois-Rivières, a historic monument, offers the visit-experience "Go to Jail".


Mission and goals

The Musée POP is a museum about society, who bears witness to the unique identity of Québec’s diverse and evolving society.

The museum recognizes and emphasizes all that popular culture produces, consumes and hands down in terms of material (objects, environments) and immaterial (knowledge, skills) heritage.