Sport vs Science: the perfect match

Until March 6th, 2022
Sport vs Science: the perfect match
Sport vs Science: the perfect match
Sport vs Science: the perfect match
Sport vs Science: the perfect match
Sport vs Science: the perfect match

A presentation of


The Perfect Match is a participative interactive exhibit that explains how science and technology have contributed to improving sports performances. Measuring instruments are now part of training, and their impact is astonishing. Health professional are now omnipresent. Attention, the anti-doping control agent is watching… Will you stand on the podium? The exhibit highlights our own athletes and many types of sports equipment both old and modern.  Are you in shape to try out for the exhibit? 

Enter the world of athletes

  • Photos and videos of Canadian athletes;
  • Interactives that compare their performance to yours;
  • Quizzes for sports amateurs;
  • Old and modern sports equipment;
  • Tips from professional athletes.

Like athletes, measure your strength, speed and cardiac rhythm. Be filmed as you perform a choreographed sequence or throw a baseball and understand what the use of video tools adds to sports. Then, meet your physical coach, trainer, kinesiologist, psychologist and nutritionist before the competition. You must follow their advice and rise to their challenges.

Video contribution

The arrival of digital video has revolutionized sport training and has contributed to increase the performance of athletes. Film yourself while being a cheerleader or a baseball pitcher and notice the advantages of video.

Measuring devices

Thanks to measuring devices, the coach has a direct access to a handful of data that informs him, in real time, of the efficiency of a technique and the physiological responses of the athlete. He bases himself on this information to establish a personalized training program for the athlete and measure his progress. Measure your strength, your speed and your heart rate and compare them to those of athletes.

Sports equipment

Thanks to science and technology, the development of sports equipment has known extraordinary advances. Some have leaded to changes in sports techniques. For many sports, the evolution of equipment has had a direct impact in establishing new records. Compare today’s sport equipment with those of yesterday. Observe all the work behind sport shoes. Do you wear your helmet to prevent concussions of the brain?

A team of professionals

If sports performances have gotten better, it’s in part because athletes are better surrounded and their training is planned up to the tiniest detail and integrated in a training calendar. The coach is surrounded with a team of professionals. Meet with your physical trainer, your coach, your kinesiologist, your psychologist and your nutritionist before your competition. Follow their advices and take up their challenges. Will you climb up the podium? Beware, the anti-doping control agent has an eye on you.


The Perfect Match is a travelling exhibition of the Museum of Nature and Science of Sherbrooke.