Un autre visage

Until June 23rd, 2023
Un autre visage


Secondary 3 and 5 students from Académie Les Estacades took up the challenge of redefining the face using different techniques.

Deformation, transparency and precision were the most important issues in the creation of a stained glass window that the fifth-grade students experienced for the first time. The sketches of deformed faces were the starting point of this project. A research necessary to bring it to its purpose; the making of the stained glass window.

Contrast, texture and engraving enabled third-grade students to perform an engraving and printing technique. The interpretation of the theme served to create, according to their imagination, a completely different face. As part of this project, the student made some prints using black ink on a colored background.

The Another Face exhibition is presented in the front door display cases of the POP Museum.