Welcome to Families!

The Musée POP welcomes families with a program that will appeal to everyone, from toddlers to teenagers! Here are our suggestions, based on the age of your children:


For Ages 3 to 12: 


For Ages 12 and Over

Curious-minded teens will enjoy visiting our featured exhibitions! In the fun and interactive Hang on Tight! exhibition, they will discover the evolution of Québec society since the Quiet Revolution and will come out proud to be Quebecers! 


The Musée POP offers advantageous family pricing and special admission fees for your children aged up to 17. Admission is free for 4-year-olds and under.


Here are our amenities for families: changing tables in the washrooms, a picnic area, loanable baby carriers, storage space for strollers, a cloakroom, and step stools for the drinking fountains and washrooms.