Heritage Buildings

Robert-Lionel Séguin was on the lookout for anything that might throw light on the characteristic features of our culture. As he was keen to safeguard our national heritage and to illustrate the techniques of traditional architecture, he acquired typical buildings and preserved them on his lands at Rigaud.  These buildings from the Robert-Lionel-Séguin collection are grouped in the Museum’s backyard with the same view in mind, that of highlighting the knowledge and skills of our forbears.

It must also be mentioned that seven (7) buildings in the Séguin collectionhave been moved to the courtyard behind the prison. These consist for the most part of unique and rare examples of Québec's 18th and 19th century architectural heritage. They include a barn with corbelling (or windbreaker), a thatched-roof hog house, a five-sided corn-drying building, a Dutch-style field shelter with an adjustable roof, a traditional house and a small dairy.