The Musée POP's Foundation

The Musée POP's Foundation has the objective of helping the Museum achieve its mission. It solicits donations from companies and individuals interested in the preservation of Québec's folk culture. These donations are obtained through fundraising campaigns and activities, including the famous annual "Encan de vins de prestige". 


Why give to the Musée POP's Foundation?

This donation will allow the Foundation to support the educational and cultural mission of the Musée POP. The funds raised by the Foundation allow the development of new projects, the addition of new cultural activities, making the Museum even more accessible to the population and promoting Québec culture. 

Thank you for supporting the Musée POP's Foundation!


The Musée POP is pleased to count on the support of its Foundation in the realization of its various projects and thanks the volunteer members of the Board of Trustees: 

Members of the Board of Trustees 2023-2024

  • Mr. Jacques Picard | President - Financial Advisor IG Gestion de Patrimoine
  • Mrs Roxanne Lagacé | Secretary and Treasurer - 
  • Mr. Charles Baril | Administrator 
  • Mr. Pierre Lemieux | Administrator - President of the Musée POP's Board of Directors 
  • Mrs. Mireille Lemieux | Administrator
  • Mrs. Martine Mongrain | Administrator 
  • Mr. Francis Patry-Landry | Administrator
  • Mrs. Michelle Bélanger | Administrator - Executive Director of Musée POP