It's Circus time!

May 27th, to September 5th, 2022
It's Circus time!

A presentation of


From the first travelling circus troops that performed in and outside of Europe to today's over-the-top international shows, the circus arts have never ceased to transform. While including animal tamers in (or excluding them from) the same line-up as equestrian shows, clown acts, juggling feats, and acrobatic stylings, both the disciplines and venues of the circus are ever-changing.

In recent decades, the circus arts have definitely taken root and grown in Quebec and Montréal. With unusual creativity and an unwavering attachment to its audiences, the Montréal circus industry has given rise to many companies, schools, performance centres, and festivals. Today, the city is a hotbed of circus talents and has an incredible international presence: in fact, Montréal has become a circus capital.

Just like the circus, this exhibition will amaze, delight and inspire! Interactive activities, stunning set designs, and a magical sound and light scape will showcase the excellence of Québec’s circus arts and the talents that drive it. As they make their way through the exhibition, visitors will have joyful encounters that combine the grand spectacle of the circus with anecdotes filled with surprise, suspense, laughter, movement, colour and light.

The exhibition It's Circus time! will include more than 150 objects. Costumes, set pieces, works of art, accessories, scale models, iconic objects, and training and stage equipment will be displayed alongside archives, photos, video footage, and projections. The exhibition will recreate a world of fantasy that will give visitors an unforgettable experience that speaks to Montréal’s continuing circus legacy.

It's Circus time! – is an exhibition created by Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex thanks to the financial support of the Quebec Government.